Developers & Landholders

Earthtrade as specialists in offset solutions, have the experience and credibility to broker and deliver offsets to industry standards. We work as the agent between the developer and the landholder, assisting a developer in sourcing an interested landholder’s vegetation asset.

Developers and Offsets

During the design process of a project, developers are firstly required to avoid environmental impact. Where impact is unavoidable, it should be minimised before considering the use of offsets for any remaining impact. The use of offsets provides developers with a means of mitigating the impact, but it must be determined that the extent of vegetation and associated environmental values of the project site are maintained or exceeded through the offset. Offsets must achieve an equivalent or better environmental outcome.

As the broker, Earthtrade sources the required offset through its extensive network of landholders who are willing to provide a suitable offset, and acts as the intermediary between the developer and the landholder to undertake the necessary processes to secure the offset. Earthtrade offers a “one stop” service that encompasses all aspects of offset delivery including legal and regulatory requirements.

Landholders and Offsets

Landholders with a vegetation asset or supply  may have regrowth/ native vegetation that they wish to protect or allow to return to “remnant” state for a number of reasons including:

 Contributing to your overall property plan

 Enhancing the quality of your patch of bush

 Preservation of threatened species or essential habitat; and

 Erosion control

Returning to timber production

Vegetation that you are considering offering for many offsets must be in the non-remnant “white areas” on the Vegetation Management Maps. The area must also be at least 2 hectares in size and not be protected by some other means such as a covenant or nature refuge agreement etc.

Earthtrade may ‘broker’ or source a developer who requires the vegetation you have as an offset. This has the potential to provide you with a diversified source of income to contribute to achieving your property plan and to protect and manage your vegetation asset into the future.

Why explore offsets?

There are a number of reasons landholders would be interested in working with Earthtrade to consider vegetation offsets. These reasons may include:

 Our high level of personalised service and an excellent understanding of rural values

 Improve environmental values on your property;

 Diversification of income;

 Another option for managing regrowth; and

 Complements the property management plan.


Please see fact sheet below for further information regarding Landholders and Offsets.

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How do I become involved?

Enter your details including Lot on Plan (from rates notice) onto the Earthtrade website page; or

Email us on [email protected] with your details including Lot on Plan (from rates notice) or;

Contact us on telephone 07 4194 5009