Legislation Update

The Vegetation Management Framework Amendment Bill 2013 was introduced to Queensland Parliament on March 20, 2013 and aims to deliver restructuring measures under the vegetation management framework.

The proposed framework changes include new clearing purposes for high value agricultural clearing, irrigated high value agriculture and environmental clearing. These changes will allow proactive clearing of vegetation in preparation for natural disasters and the ability to further clear vegetation for dryland and irrigated high value agriculture.
The proposed bill also includes the removal of high value regrowth regulations from freehold and Indigenous land, whilst still retaining the regrowth regulations on leasehold land for agricultural and grazing purposes.

Self-assessable clearing codes are also addressed in the proposed amendment. The anticipated changes will provide landholders with an opportunity to undertake various vegetation management activities without the need for government assessment, provided they comply with code requirements. Compliant clearing activities may be undertaken by the landholder with only notification to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, without the requirement of a permit, provided compliance with the relevant self-assessable codes is followed.

Vegetation mapping will also be simplified under the Bill by creating an overarching regulated vegetation management map. The new maps will lock in regulated and non-regulated vegetation into the future, giving landholders greater certainty that the vegetation community boundaries will not change, which will provide greater security when developing long-term property plans

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