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About Us

earthtrade is the leading environmental offsets solutions specialist in Australia. Assisting both developers (impactors requiring an offset) and landholders (offset providers) to reach commercial agreement and provide a solution that achieves regulatory acceptance. earthtrade provides advice, assistance with procurement, regulatory approval of the offset, brokering, management, monitoring and reporting solutions for:

  • Offsets required by Australian, State and local governments to meet Approval Conditions
  • Legally binding mechanisms on title to secure offsets
  • Management Plans for offset areas
  • Project design of offsets in consideration of other options for use of the property
  • Consideration of risk in strategy development
  • Facilitation of financial contracts
  • Structure of financial solutions
  • Structure of multi-party offset solutions
  • Property management solutions
  • Offset implementation
  • Offset monitoring and reporting

As the leader in this market, earthtrade has engaged a specialist team of senior people with legislative, policy and technical skills, with experience in rural property management, land use, tenure, title, and financial structures so that it may develop solutions that are tailor-made to their clients’ project requirements.

earthtrade has experience and a strong understanding of the complex environmental legislation and policy in place at the local, State and Australian Government jurisdictions. earthtrade has a strong network amongst landholders (both corporate and private) who have land that may be suitable for potential offsets. Having access to a bank of landholders ensures that earthtrade is able to match potential offset supply to the requirements of developers or project proponents.


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